Hey there!

My name is Dominik Strasser. I’m a web and mobile developer from Linz, Austria. On this website you can see some of my latest projects. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write me. The chat is on the bottom right corner ;)

Dominik Strasser

I really love to code - what’s your passion?

I care very much about clean coding and experimenting with new technologies. Most of my current projects are related to Angular, Ionic, Firebase and Elasticsearch. I listed some of them below. Since i’m more of a coder than a designer i work closely with people who truely know how to design stuff.

Side Projects

I do have quite a few side projects i’m very passionate about. Here i showcase a few of them. Some are already finished, some are more in a premature state. Tell me what you think about them.

Sleep - The Sleep App

The easy way to fall asleep

Often it is just thoughts that keep us from sleeping. The Sleep-App helps you to focus on your breath and you come to a meditative state where you fall asleep more easily.

It’s an Ionic App using Firebase Database and Firebase Functions for a referral system.



gaudy is your app for getting quickly into casual activities with your friends. get out, get social, do more.


How it began

gaudy started as a master-thesis project designed by Sebastian Sammer and Martin Haindl. We started the development in summer 2016 and launched early 2017. Take a look at it and tell me what you think!

Tech Stack

It’s an Ionic app using the Firebase Realtime Database, Authentication and Notifications. Since Firebase isn’t that good with querying and searching we use elasticsearch for that part.

Faq Bot

A few months ago i was playing around with some chatbot frameworks and made my first steps in machine learning and NLP.

As a result i started to build this little service where you can add the questions and answers of your Service/App/Product. You can later include the bot to your own website instead of your old fashioned FAQ page.

The service is still in early development stage but someday i’m getting there to share a link to the project ;)